Summery of Qualifications

• 24 x 7 Database Support Experience

• 100+ Years of Oracle Experience

• Average 10 Years of Experience as Oracle

• Support Over 150 Clients

• Performed Hundreds of Database Upgrades

• Manage 1000s of Databases Daily

• Support Over 700 Servers

• Performed 600s of Database Recoveries

• Performed 1000s of Database Refreshes

• Support Over 50 High Availability   Environments

Work Experience

Experience in supporting over 1000 Oracle database environments. Responsible for database design /implementation /installation /migration, database capacity planning, architecture design, performance tuning and monitoring, and backup and recovery. Specializes in Oracle database administration on all Oracle releases from Oracle 6 to Oracle 12c running on all operating systems including Linux, AIX, HP-UX, SUN and Microsoft Windows. In-depth expertise in advanced Oracle features, including all high availability options, GRID/Cloud Control-OEM, data warehousing, partitioning, and advanced security. Many years of experience in all key database disciplines including database administration, database/instance tuning, monitoring, database availability, disaster recovery, database security and auditing. Extensive experience in new product evaluation and implementation. Earned the reputation as a creative problem solver and forward thinker that gets results.